I was recommended to use these guys and they did not disappoint. They showed up on time, were very professional, worked very hard, and efficiently! They even took their own time to help me reassemble my desk because they felt it would be safer if we moved it in pieces. I would definitely recommend them!
Morgan H
North Dallas
These guys did an EXCELLENT job with my move! They were punctual and professional, as it was obvious they had a ton of experience. The team was very considerate by getting in-and-out and respecting my time and money. I definitely plan on using them again.
Stan Norfleet
Thank you Cory and your team for making my moving experience easy, hassle free, and affordable. I HIGHLY recommend you guys!!!! Thank you so much for an amazing job, Keep up the great customer service!!!!
North Dallas
I have an upcoming move, and I was a bit nervous. I was searching for a moving company that was going to be timely, reasonable, accommodating, and efficient. I found Dallas Express Movers’ website through a Google search, and called for pricing information. Cory was very helpful, reviewed pricing, and I was able to schedule my upcoming move ! I am looking forward to my move date. Thank you “Dallas Express Movers”
Krista Darby
United States
Found this website through a Google search, filled out the information & next thing I know I received a call from Corey he was so nice and very reasonable!! I loved the fast reply they are pretty awesome.
Ashlie Fountain
My roommate referred this moving company to me, they did a awesome job, the owner is very nice and his crew done stuff pretty quickly. Two thumbs up.
Nancy Xu
These guys came out on time….and we’re super nice…. I had the best move experience ever…..with Dallas Express movers… My house was packed and moved in half the time that I thought it would take… These guys are worth every buck….
Dr.J Hall
Great service over the phone, affordable rates and excellent moving times!
Alex Ainsworth